Add-on functions

Add-on functions

Installation engineering

The automation conception acquiring second hand presses is posing a challenge, which makes an experienced partner indispensable who helps you to define your new part flow process. We realize hand in hand possible conceptions and consult you by an efficiently cost/benefit view. GILLET integrates components from subcontractors as general provider, like feeding lines, shears, lubrication, a.s.o. into the turnkey solution.

Project example 1

Concept specification for automation of a tandem press line with two mechanical 1000t presses.

Implementation of the automation in the tandem press line with two GILLET transfers, one GILLET destacker, working in tandem mode as an intermediate pitch and integration of a feeding line with crop shear.


Project example 2

Tandem press line with two 630t presses with extended capabilities.

  • Feeding line with shear
  • Magnetic conveyors for press inlet
  • Intermediate pitch with lifters for receiving and handover of the blanks
  • EOL by conveyor band